Financial Concierge Services
C.M. Jeffrey & Associates’ Financial Concierge service is designed to let families with substantial assets spend more time doing the things they enjoy and less time worrying about the day-to-day management of their income and expenses.

We are committed to offering a high-quality, professional service custom-tailored to your specific needs. Services include but are not limited to:

Receive and process mail
Pay bills
Post deposits/transfers
Monthly reconciliation to bank and/or investment statements
Process payroll and related tax returns
In person/telephone conferences
Tax package preparation
Download a detailed menu of Financial Concierge Services

Special services
Asset inventory
Property management
Relocation assistance
And more …

Bookkeeping Services
C.M. Jeffrey & Associates’ Bookkeeping service is geared toward small business entrepreneurs looking to outsource their bookkeeping needs. Each year more and more people decide to go into business for themselves, and C.M. Jeffrey & Associates can ably assist new businesses as well.

As your business grows, the need for accurate financial statements and records has a direct impact on your bottom line. C.M. Jeffrey & Associates will partner with you to keep your business’ books in order while you keep your business on track. Services include:

Bank reconciliation
Accounts receivable
Accounts payable
Detailed general ledger
Financial statements
All payroll reports
Year-end tax reports

Download a detailed menu of Bookkeeping Services

Special Projects
Transferring clients from a manual accounting system to a computer-based accounting system, payroll, budgets, variance reports and forecasting.

Bookkeeping Training

For those who simply prefer to handle their own financial records, this training with a professional advisor will enable you or a staff member to confidently navigate your bookkeeping needs.